WHY do you buy it?
WHY do you throw it away?
We, consumers are asked
WHY do you produce it?
WHY do you sell it?
We, producers are asked
At Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center, producers and consumers learn from everyday waste and aim for a waste-free society; always keeping in mind the concept of “why?”.

About Kamikatsu

1 hour drive from center-city Tokushima.
700 meters above sea leve, the town is covered with moutains and terraced rice fields.
A population of 1,500 people.
Japan's first "zero waste" declaration in 2003.
Zero waste in Kamikatsu = a society that focuses on not generating waste, instead of how to treat waste. Since the declaration, waste collection has not been conducted and raw waste has been used as compost.
Residents bring various "resources" to the garbage station and sort them into more than 45 categories. After 17 years, the recycling rate exceeds 80%.




2.5 hour drive from Osaka / 45 minute drive from center-city Tokushima


Bus from Tokushima Awaodori Airport → Tokushima Station: 30 minutes (440 yen) Bus from Tokushima Station → Yokose Nishi: 62 minutes (840 yen) Tokushima Bus Katsuura Line to Yokose Nishi] Bus from Yokose Nishi - Takahoko Shisho Mae: 20 minutes (400 yen) Transfer: 3 minute walking distance


Tokushima Station - Minami Komatsushima Station: 17 minutes (240 yen) 4 minute walking distance Bus from Komatsushima Nokyo-Mae - Yokose Nishi: 34 minutes (680 yen) Hotel Guests

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771-4501 JAPAN
7-2, Aza Shimoniura, Oaza Fukuhara, Kamikatsu-cho, Katsura-gun, Tokushima
TEL: 080-2989-1533